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Meet Taylor "Squeak" Lamar, the culinary virtuoso behind The Sweet Life—formerly known as the beloved Sweets by Squeak. With a passion for culinary artistry and creating unforgettable moments, Taylor specializes in crafting enchanting experiences for those seeking intimate and magical celebrations.

At the heart of The Sweet Life is Taylor's knack for curating romantic hotel experiences that leave hearts aflutter. From meticulously planned decor to exquisite cuisine and seamless hotel bookings, she orchestrates everything, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Her expertise is tailor-made for couples in search of surprise romantic escapades, be it a mesmerizing date night, a dreamy proposal, or an unforgettable birthday surprise.

Taylor's journey into the world of culinary delights began with a humble fascination with an easy bake oven. From those early days of experimentation, she started selling her delectable cupcakes in her high school basement, priced at a mere 50 cents each. This small beginning laid the foundation for her home bakery, Sweets By Squeak, which she established nearly seven years ago.

Since then, Taylor has expanded her repertoire beyond delectable treats, venturing into the realm of private catering, gourmet cakes and desserts, and bespoke event decor and curation. Her dedication to crafting unique and personalized experiences has earned her widespread recognition, making her popular on TikTok and Instagram.

The Sweet life

Offering our client's a magical experience with luxury in all we do. Enjoy fine dining cuisine with private catering, sweet vibes and a moment of a lifetime. Some packages include a private couple massage therapist, live musicians etc. Your only job is to show up & enjoy your night.

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